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Global Leader in Permanent Anti-Fog Coating Systems

FSI Coating Technologies is the recognized market leader in the development and manufacturing of premium anti-fog and abrasion resistant coatings for polyester film and sheet, plastics, glass, mirror, and metal substrates.

Our Innovative Coating Solutions Include:

  • Abrasion, Chemical, Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Compatible with A/R and Metalizing Treatments
  • Flexible and Thermoformable
  • Hydrophilic, Permanent and Water-Washable Anti-Fog

Industry Solutions and Proven Products

Sustainable High Performance Coatings for the World’s Most Prestigious Brands.

More Than 38 Years of Innovation

Dramatically enhance your competitive position in the marketplace. The recognized global leader in performance-based, water washable anti-fog coating systems

Founded in 1986, FSI Coating Technologies is a global leader in the continuous advancement of coating materials science, delivering innovative solutions to a wide range of markets and industry applications.