Consumers choose sunglasses for style and sports eyewear for performance and expect quality and durability to be givens.

Deliver quality and durability that will enhance your brand over time.

FSICT is a leader in premium anti-fog coatings that provide abrasion and impact resistance and weatherability. Our coatings are trusted by many of the world’s leading brands, to enhance and maintain their products’ reputations and customer loyalty.

They are UV resistant and will not discolor with exposure to sunlight.

Their hydrophilic and water sheeting qualities dramatically improve vision safety.

They are tintable and compatible with anti-reflective, mirror and metalizing treatments.

They are warranted for five (5) years. Permanent anti-fog performance will not wear off, even after repeated cleaning.

Our anti-fog coatings combine consistent clarity
and durability for all kinds of eyewear.


Sunglasses and sports eyewear (shields, masks, goggles, visors)

Safety eyewear devices including protective eyeglasses, face shields, masks, goggles and visors

sports eyewear coating

Solutions for all substrates

Glass, polycarbonate, polyamide (optical nylon)

Acrylics and certain other clear plastics

Manufacturing advantages

Good adhesion to plastic substrates

Suitable for dip, flow, spin or spray application

Thermal or UV-cure, primer and primerless (primer-free) coating options

Compatible with mirror and anti-reflective (A/R) treatments

Exceptional stability, streamlining production and maximizing product yields by reducing the need for frequent tank change-outs

Functional benefits

FSICT coatings prevent fog under environmental and occupational circumstances such as:

Humid regions when leaving an air-conditioned environment

Cold climates where frost inhibits vision

Adjusting from cold to warm conditions

Driving in extreme or variable temperatures

Working with steam from cooking

Perspiration resulting from active physical activities such as sports, outdoor skiing, fishing and hunting

Outdoor recreation and sports activities such as driving snowmobiles, motorcycles, or boats

Steam from breathing into a mask as required in healthcare or while using other occupational protective equipment


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