Highly Durable Anti-Fog UV-Cure Coating for Ophthalmic & Safety Eyewear

Reduce emissions, improves cycle time

FSI Coating Technologies’ Visgard® optically clear, UV-Cure coating support environmental sustainability initiatives, accelerating the production process with economical, fast UV-light curing properties. This high-performance coating lowers the cost of operations, and delivers outstanding anti-fog, abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance. Our premium coating offers primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate, and other substrates with the use of a primer. Visgard UV-cure anti-fog coatings are specially design for ophthalmic and safety eyewear lenses.  Visgard UV cure anti-fog can be applied with our CrystalSpin® UV AF Anti-Fog spin coating machine.


  • Primer free adhesion to Polycarbonate
  • Primer required for adhesion on CR-39®, MR-7™, MR-8™, MR-10™ and Trivex® substrates.


  • Anti-fog, abrasion, scratch, chemical and UV resistance
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Water washable and water sheeting


  • Excellent stability and product durability, extended anti-fog service-life performance
  • Environmentally conscious UV light, fast curing
  • Hydrophilic  easy clean surface

UV-Cure Anti-Fog Technology

Kind to the environment

Saves time and money

Enhances product performance

Environmentally superior, UV-cure technology has rapidly gained popularity across numerous manufacturing industries as a smarter solution for the planet and financial operations.


Visgard UV energy savings sustainable and versatile coating boosts product performance, specific features include:

  • Performance  – Excellent scratch, abrasion, chemical and UV resistance, long-term adhesion with permanent anti-fog performance.
  • Sustainability – Increased demand for eco-friendly green alternatives. Environmentally superior UV curing technology gaining popularity across numerous manufacturing industries seeking to reduce their footprint.
  • Energy Efficient – Reduced curing time saves energy using less electricity to cure on the surface.
  • Eco Friendly – Reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, resulting in less pollution released into the eco-system.
  • Productivity –  Greater efficiency with rapid cure and higher throughput using energy-curable technology creates manufacturing efficiencies and decreases operating costs.
  • Cosmetic Appearance – Transparent coating offers excellent permanent anti-fog performance. Hydrophilic smooth and easy clean (less tacky surface) combined with abrasion, chemical and UV resistance.

For additional information, download brochures:

Visgard UV Anti-Fog Product Highlights

CrystalSpin® UV AF Anti-Fog Coating Machine

Visgard UV Anti-Fog Coating and Equipment Video

FSICT has an entire suite of Visgard anti-fog fog coatings and films, contact a customer care specialist to discuss a formulation that is best suited to your needs.

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