Any surface that can fog, freeze, scratch, shatter, suffer chemical damage or discolor with exposure to UV radiation over time needs a coating or film to resist those effects.

Give every surface the protective film or sheet it needs to endure over time.

FSICT anti-fog coatings and coating films resist abrasion, impact, chemical and UV radiation damage while providing excellent optical clarity and resisting build-up of condensation and moisture.

Our solutions enhance safety by reducing the occurrence of shattering glass from hurricane level winds, acting like nets to trap and contain glass fragments.

They provide premium weatherability and outdoor durability and are UV resistant; they will not haze or discolor with exposure to sunlight.

We provide coated film and sheet applications
for all surfaces, inside and out.


Canopies, wind/sound barrier curtain walls and partitions, domes, doors, outdoor enclosures, lights, panels, covered walkways, windows, atriums, storefronts, verandas, ice hockey arena walls, skylights, pool covers, outdoor digital signage.

Greenhouses, conservatories and other plant enclosures

Home Improvement:
Bathroom mirrors and shower doors


Solutions for all substrates

Glass: float/flat glass, bent glass (insulated, laminated, safety, security, spandrel, tempered) specialty bulletproof and tinted glass

Plastics: polycarbonate and acrylic

Manufacturing advantages

Tintable and printable surfaces; protective film surface can be digitally printed for decoration or advertising

Compatible with anti-reflective (A/R), mirror and metalizing treatments and adhesives

Compliant with many environmental standards

Functional benefits

Climate control, eliminating steam on windows in hot, humid weather as well as frost and fog in cold weather

Energy conservation, as protection from UV rays results in lower temperature variances required for heating and cooling

(According to the Department of Energy, buildings account for 19% of all commercial electricity energy consumption.)

May be cleaned with common household ammonia-free glass cleaners

Warranted for 5 years; permanent anti-fog will not wear off, even after repeated cleaning


Our senior chemists and technical support staff are dedicated to supporting all your coating and process needs.

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