Anti-Fog, Hard Coat, Coated Film & Sheet Product Solutions

Architectural Scratch Resistant Coating

Architectural & Building

FSI provides innovative energy efficient anti-fog solutions for architectural buildings, delivering premium durability for use on multiple structural and decorative glass applications such as architectural float glass, bent glass (insulated, laminated, safety, security, spandrel, tempered) specialty bullet proof and tinted glass, to polycarbonate and acrylic substrates. Applications include windows, walls, panels, doors, skylights, dooms and outdoor enclosures. Horticultural applications include greenhouses, conservatories and other plant enclosures. Home Improvement applications include bathroom mirrors and shower doors.

Anti-fog Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Automotive & Transit

Anti-fog and abrasion resistant water-washable hard coatings can be used on a variety of materials where scratch resistance and UV protection are required. Applications include instrument panels, displays and gauges for airplanes, automobiles, bus/coach, boats, trains, and motorcycles.

Aviation Scratch Resistant Coating

Aviation & Aerospace

Several anti-fog film and weatherable coating system options are available to accelerate the durability and performance of aviation and aerospace parts and pilot equipment. Applications include commercial aircraft windows, cockpit instrument panels and navigation systems, military jet and helicopter canopies, and oxygen helmet visors for space and military missions.

Anti Fog Film for Freezer Doors

Commercial Freezer Display Cases

Our film and sheet anti-fog solutions for cold room and supermarket freezer display cases supports environmental leadership and sustainability initiatives. This application optimizes energy efficiency, typically saving energy consumption for freezer and compressor operations. These films are easy to install, maintain and replace. Also by preventing freezers from fogging up, these optically clear films improve product merchandising.

Underwater Camera Scratch resistant coating


FSICT products are well-suited to electronics lending scratch resistance, durability and process performance to products often characterized by small form factors and multiple components of varying substrates. We provide superior coating solutions for devices such as MP3 Players, PDAs, tablets, mobile phone windows and casings, LCD and plasma screens, HUD (heads-up displays), LED and digital billboard displays to cameras and watches.

Marine & Watercraft

FSI’s premium marine anti-fog enhances the visibility and lifespan of boat windows and windshields while accelerating performance with innovative durable coatings. Our coatings shield transparent marine parts and accessories against fog, abrasion, scratch and chemical attack in the most demanding sea conditions and dry dock environments. They also make cleaning and maintenance easier, while providing exceptional protection from fog, abrasion, haze and yellowing from sunlight.

Medical Anti-fog Safety Glasses

Medical & Safety

To address the current trend for anti-fog condensation control, we offer high-performance anti-fog film, sheet and complementary coatings specifically designed to meet the industry’s high standards and testing requirements. Medical and safety applications range from safety eyewear, visors and face shields to medical devices such as surgical camera equipment.

Formable Coating Space Suit

Military & Security

Our anti-fog coatings are a natural fit for military and security face shields and visors, where uncompromising visual clarity is imperative. Additional features such as abrasion, chemical, impact and scratch resistance also provide protection for bullet or shatter proof security glass.

Anti-Fog/Scratch Resistant Film Coating

Specialty & Custom Applications

From simple to more complex designs, our support team can assist you with initial product design to production. Recognizing each customer’s unique needs, our expert scientists carefully review product requirements to determine the best existing product, or develop an alternative customized coating formulation. We also offer contract manufacturing services for appliquè shapes and perimeter adhesive, custom die-cut lenses, specialized laminations and metalized and tinted films.

Swimming Goggles Anti-Fog Coating

Sunglass & Sports Eyewear

Available globally, our products provide premium anti-fog, abrasion, impact, and scratch resistance durability for sunglass and sports eyewear applications including swim goggles. Theses coatings can be used on tinted or clear substrates such as polycarbonate, polyamide, cast resins, and acrylic.