Anti-Fog Film and Sheet

FSI Coating Technologies can deliver a wide variety of anti-fog coated films for a large assortment of medical, industrial and commercial applications. Our anti-fog coatings can be used on a variety of substrates including polycarbonate sheet and films to special order parts and appliquè.


  • Architectural & Building (Conservatory/Greenhouses, Mirrors)
  • Automotive & Transit (Aerospace, Bus/Coach, Marine, Motorcycle, Rail)
  • Commercial Freezer Display Cases
  • Electronics (HUD, LED, Digital Billboard Displays)
  • Medical & Safety


  • Glass
  • PET Film & Sheet
  • Polycarbonate

Our anti-fog treated PET plastic film was designed for use in applications ranging from simple lens lamination to complex multi-functional instrument panel overlays. Available with or without adhesive, these offerings include:

  • Permanent anti-fog coated film without adhesive
  • Permanent anti-fog coated film with a pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Anti-fog film for single-use, disposable products

FSICT has an entire suite of standard anti-fog film and sheet products available. If you require a custom application, contact a customer care specialist to discuss a formulation that is best suited for your requirements.