Anti-Fog PET Film

Visgard® treated polyester PET films provide permanent anti-fog solutions, superior abrasion resistance, exceptional clarity and consistency. Manufactured under controlled factory conditions, these films deliver stable, high performance properties unparalleled in the industry. These films prevent fogging under all temperature and humidity conditions, even after repeated cleaning or water immersion and are not affected by ammonia, alcohols, commercial glass cleaners, detergents or brief exposure to most industrial solvents such as acetone, toluene or trichloroethylene. Visgard films are available in standard widths of 28.25″ and 58″. Special widths and appliqué designs are available upon request.

Vistex® treated PET films prevent fogging under all extreme temperature and humidity conditions. This product consists of a unique optically clear, cross-linked polymer cured on clear polyester film. These films differ from alternative products in that anti-fog properties are not lost after water immersion or repeated cleaning. The anti-fog coating is not adversely affected by brief exposure to most industrial chemicals and organic solvents. Vistex films are in stock in a width of 58″. Custom widths and appliqués are available upon request.

Our film can be properly installed using a pressure roll lamination machine or by a professional window film installer for application to plastic, metal and glass substrates. We also offer 2 mil and 4 mil thickness, custom thicknesses are available upon request. The untreated surface has adhesion promoting treatment for laminating and printing. Applications for PET film products include:


  • Architectural Glazing
  • Bathroom & Shower Doors
  • Commercial Freezer & Display Display Case Doors
  • Industrial Safety & Sports Visors, Eyewear & Masks
  • Instrument Clusters & Display Lenses

FSICT has an entire suite of standard anti-fog PET film products available. If you require a custom application, contact a Customer Care specialist to discuss a formulation that is best suited for your requirements.