Technology & Innovation

FSI Coating Technologies is the recognized global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of anti-fog coating solutions. Leveraging the unique integration of Nanotechnology with Sol-Gel Chemistry has led to the development of new technologies that transform the performance of coating.

Our R&D science team works closely with our strategic business units to improve manufacturing processes and accelerate advancements in new product development. We also work closely with universities and other partners to expand our research capabilities.

Innovative Coating Technologies Include:

  • Abrasion, Chemical, Impact and Scratch Resistant Coatings
  • Anti-Fog Film, Sheet, as well as Complimentary Coatings & Primers
  • Cost Effective Single-Use Disposable Films
  • Flexible, Thermoformablity & Anti-Reflective Compatible Coating Characteristics
  • Rapid Cure UV Coatings Support Energy Conservation
  • Specialty Custom Application Development