When there is no margin for error in visualization, there is no room for compromise in condensation control or personal protection.

Meet the highest standards in visual clarity, personal safety and product durability.

FSICT high-performance anti-fog film, sheet and complementary coatings are designed to meet industry standards and testing requirements for optical clarity, durability and personal safety.

The film renders the surface shatterproof by containing shattered glass fragments upon impact. It is also hydrophilic, hydrophobic, durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV radiation.

Anti-fog eliminates steam in hot and humid conditions and both frost and fog in cold temperatures.

Anti-fog coatings and films are tintable and compatible with mirror and anti-reflective coatings.

We provide tailored anti-fog solutions
for the most exacting applications.


Medical electronic display panels and devices, surgical camera equipment, cardiovascular stents and vascular implant devices

Protective safety eyewear devices such as eyeglasses, face shields, masks, goggles and visors

Automotive and transit, armored and security vehicle windshields, windows, and doors

medical and PPE coating

Solutions for all substrates

Glass: laminated, safety, security, tempered bulletproof and tinted

Plastics: polycarbonate and acrylic substrates

Compliance with all applicable standards

EN 166:2001-N Mark-Resistance to fogging.

EN 166:2001-K Mark-Resistance to surface damage by fine particles

EN 166:2001 Clause: Resistance to Ultraviolet radiation

REACH-compliant coating

Functional benefits

Shatter-resistant; PET film acts as a net to trap and contain glass fragments

Ease of cleaning and maintenance using common household ammonia-free glass cleaners

Water-washable and water-repellent; water beads off

Best-in-class abrasion resistance to polycarbonate substrates

Warranted for five (5) years, anti-fog performance will not wear off, even after repeated cleaning


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