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Visgard® Premium Plus Anti-Fog Coating For Application to Protective Eyewear

Irvine, CA – August 10, 2012

FSI Coating Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of its new Visgard® Premium Plus patented anti-fog coating. Visgard Premium Plus is a high performance, next generation anti-fog coating that transforms the durability and appearance of safety and military eyewear and vision protection devices such as goggles, visors, face masks and shields.

“FSI Coating Technologies is focused on developing high performance solutions that improve our customer’s product endurance and appearance,” said Richard Chang, Vice President and General Manager, FSI Coating Technologies. “Visgard Premium Plus offers significantly improved stability over existing anti-fog coatings available on the market. Using Visgard Premium Plus, customers should experience a dramatic improvement in product quality, cycle times, and yields.”

Visgard Premium Plus Coating Benefits
This innovative technology combines premium anti-fog performance with superior abrasion, chemical and UV resistance, capable of performing in the harshest environments. Visgard Premium Plus is REACH compliant.

Highly stable, Visgard Premium Plus has excellent long-term adhesion under extreme temperature and high humidity conditions, it prevents fogging even after repeated cleaning. Optically clear, and non-yellowing, Visgard Premium Plus high quality anti-fog coating streamlines manufacturing, enhancing yields and profitability.

Visgard Premium Plus is easy to use and can be stored at room temperature. Economical to integrate into your operations, it has a long service shelf life and product stability, reducing the need for frequent tank change outs.

Patented Technology
Visgard Premium Plus is uniquely formulated to meet the demanding standards of military and safety markets. Employing FSICT’s patented technology, this revolutionary coating provides an exceptional water washable anti-fog surface.

Unlike competitive products, Visgard Premium Plus anti-fog coating is capable of passing the rigorous abrasion, anti-fog and ultraviolet radiation environmental tests of today’s manufacturers including EN166K, EN166N, and EN166UV. A best-in-class anti-fog solution, suitable for dip and flow coat application, delivering exceptional primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate substrates.

Multiple Anti-Fog Applications

  • Multiple eyewear uses from medical, safety and sports to military applications.
  • Motorcycle visors, shields and goggles where anti-fog performance and optical clarity is imperative.
  • Transportation industry products such as car instrument display lenses and motorcycle windscreens.

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Visgard Premium Plus Highlights

Proven Industry Reputation
With nearly 30 years of innovation expertise, FSICT’s proprietary technologies transform the appearance of your freezer display doors. Maximize your visual merchandising and sell through while reducing energy costs with Visgard Premium Plus.

Visgard Premium Plus Anti-Fog Coating is available direct from FSI Coating Technologies. For more information please contact us at or call +1-949-540-1140.


FSI Coating Technologies (FSICT) based in Irvine, California, was founded in 1986. FSICT is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative commercial industrial coatings and film products. FSICT offers a wide variety of premium, high performance, anti-fog solutions, applications include medical, military, safety and sports eyewear, as well as industrial sheet and PET film for commercial freezer display doors. FSI Coating Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDC Technologies, Inc.

Visgard® is a registered trademark of FSI Coating Technologies, Inc.